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The Beefmaster breed has proven to be a success story for the Petana Stud that is run and owned by the Koekemoer family, a father, son and son-in-law team that farms in the Wolmaransstad district, North West Province. Peet senior, Peet junior and Connie each have their own responsibilities in their business that also include other branches such as crops and commercial cattle and sheep herds. They collaborate in all the decision making processes.

The unpredictable, sometimes dry summers and hard and cold winters of the North West Province necessitates a hardy breed that is also an economically viable breed.

The well known six essentials of the Beefmaster breed namely Disposition, Fertility, Weight, Conformation, Milk Production and Hardiness suited their needs, pocket, farming practices and natural environment perfectly. Cattle are kept on natural veld and cultivated pastures for the majority of the time and graze on maize rests for a short period after crops have been harvested in the winter time.



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